Safe Sanctuaries

What is Safe Sanctuaries? Safe Sanctuaries is the child protection policy adopted by PUMC in accordance with the requirements of the Indiana Conference, which supports our commitment to the physical safety and spiritual growth of all children and youth. The Safe Sanctuaries Policy requires adults who wish to work with minors on a regular basis to fill out an application, attend training and submit to a background check.

Who Should Attend Training? Adults (18 years or older) interested in working with minors on a regular basis (Nursery, Youth Group, Sunday School, Children’s Church/Music Ministry, Youth trips, tutoring, etc..) must attend training.

When Can I Attend Training? Safe Sanctuaries Training will be offered in January of each year. If you are interested in volunteering and missed the January training, please contact church leadership

Options for Helping on a Limited Basis: The Safe Sanctuaries Policy contains a provision for adults who wish to help on a limited basis, as well as youth age 12 (or in 6th grade) through 17 who wish to assist with younger minors.  Individuals who would like to serve as Assistant Volunteers may review and complete a short form, which will be valid for one year.  Assistant Volunteers may assist an Employee or Approved Volunteer during all youth and children’s events, but will not be left alone with minors at any time.  Assistant Volunteers may not serve on overnight or extended events.

​Please contact church leadership if you are interested in learning more.